Gesamtkunstwerk is a term that is used to describe a synthesis of the arts; multiple forms of expression coming together. Originally a German term, it has now taken meaning in English. My series Chromesthesia is a kind of gesamtkunstwerk; my kind of gesamtkunstwerk. It's one that is an amalgam of lights, music, dancing, and color being captured by a camera.

Considered by some to be a sixth sense, the neurological condition of Chromesthesia is the automatic experience of color upon hearing sound. Synesthetes (those who experience chromesthesia) rarely have consistencies between them. However different sounds usually result in different colors.

My aim is to put you in the center of this frenzy where you squint to see through the maelstrom, watch the bodies in motion as the music compels them, and see the flashes of the disorienting lights, the culmination of which is visceral delirium.

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